Pickleball Court Play Guidelines

Objective: For TVPC pickleball players to have more fun, less wait time, and utilize the Green Valley Recreation courts to the fullest

GENERAL INFORMATION During open play times (‘skill level’ and ‘drop in’ times) players who have been waiting the longest should be allowed to rotate onto the next available court. To maintain the rotation order players should line up their paddles behind the paddle cables outside of court 1(at Canoa Ranch) or the cables outside court 4(at East center) from left to right.

  1. 1. Skill Level Play – Monday through Saturday mornings the courts are dedicated to play by skill level. Levels are beginners, intermediate and advanced. Check the website (greenvalleypickleball.org) or bulletin boards to determine the daily assignment.
  2. Drop-In Play – All day Sunday and most afternoons the courts are open for Drop-In play. People who wish to play together can stack their paddles and wait for a court to open. If single paddles precede the stacked paddles, they should be combined with single paddles behind the stacked paddles and take the open court. When another court is available, the stacked paddles will take the court as a unit of four.
  3. Reservations, classes, round robins, assisted play and other special events are usually scheduled in the late afternoon and take precedence over drop-in play. For the most current information on these events and how to sign up for them check the website (http://tvpbc.org)

PLAYING ABOVE YOUR SKILL LEVEL: 1. During focus play, if a player from a lower level wants to play with a higher level group, that player is welcome to play. However, the player should be made aware of the level of play on the courts, and confirm he/she wishes to play at a higher more competitive level.

  1. Players may play up one level occasionally to improve their skills. For example, level 2.5 players may play at the 3.0 level occasionally to improve.
  2. Skill level information is available on the website (http://tvpbc.org).