Guest Policy

TVPC members may purchase guest cards for their visitors (required for all guests 18 years of age or older) using the following criteria: All guests must reside outside a 20 mile radius of Green Valley.

Guests are temporary visitors who are staying in a TVPC household with a TVPC member or who are staying

in a local commercial hotel as a guest of a TVPC member.

All guest cards must be purchased in person by the TVPC member.

There are two types of guest cards:

Daily passes: ($5 per day PER PERSON). Members must provide the name of the guest(s) and the usage dates when the pass is purchased.

Annual Guest Card:* ($50 for one CALENDAR YEAR). This card allows guests to visit the facilities unaccompanied by a member and is good for an unlimited number of guests throughout the year. This card must be swiped at card readers at all facilities and may be used by multiple guests with the same card. Members may purchase a second card for $25. Annual Guest Cards may not be purchased for properties which are tenant occupied. There is a $15 replacement fee for lost cards. Fees are not prorated.

*Tenants are not permitted to purchase an Annual Guest Card for their guests. They are required to purchase the $5 per day cards, providing the guest name(s) and usage dates.

TVPC members and tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests. All guests are required to adhere to the Green Valley Recreation Code of Conduct. Guest cards are non-refundable and non-transferable