Tellico Village Pickleball Club

Pickleball, The fastest growing sport in America

Pickleball is a game that is very similar to tennis but uses a smaller court, a paddle and a plastic ball. It is a easy game to learn and most new players are playing after just a few lesson. In addition, we play in groups where the players have similar skill levels.

Come join us. The lessons are free and we provide all the equipment. Click on the New Player Info Button to learn more about the game and our club

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President’s Message 2013

Welcome to the website of our Pickleball Club. At the end of 2012, the Tellico Village Pickleball Club numbered 350 members with about 12,000 visits to our four courts during the year. And we’re pushing those 12,000 visitations through one old tennis court converted to four cramped pickleball courts. It makes us one of the busiest and most active clubs in Tellico. In fact, we’re the 10th biggest pickleball community in the world!

I believe there is relief in site. The POA (Property Owners’ Association) is well aware of our growth and numbers. I think we have a good chance of adding eight new courts, at the Wellness Center, over the next two years. We still have a good shot at making four of those covered courts. And that is my main goal.

We are often compared to tennis with the conclusion that we don’t need covered courts. However, the tennis players in Tellico received beautiful clay courts partly in order to save wear and tear on their knees. They didn’t request covered courts.

Card players, basketball players, badminton players, swimmers, aerobic exercisers, etc. are all offered ways to play out of the rain and merciless sun. Even golfers have tops on their carts. We’re not asking for a full gym, just a roof to reduce rain, wind, and sun problems.

But the really good news is that our Club is functioning great. We continue to provide new member training, evaluations, drills, and lots of playtime with people of similar skills. Our volunteer Board and members organize four tournaments a year, numerous social events (from ice cream socials to raft offs) that can make pickleball a whole lifestyle for you. Whether you want to chase down a few balls at your leisure or pound your opponent with dazzling slams, pickleball can be your sport.

My exposure to pickleball has introduced me to a whole new set of friends that then lead me to other activities. Tellico Village is everything, and more, of what we wished for in a retirement community. We’ve even had people select Tellico Village, in part, to join our well-recognized Pickleball Club.

If you think pickleball may be a life-style for you, click on the “New Player Info” to the right.

Dan Dyer
President, Tellico Village Pickleball Club